Media Player Classic 1.7.13

For times when you want to the classic view for your favorite media, this program will do it

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    Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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Media Player Classic 1.7.13
Media Player Classic revision 107 (2K/XP)

Media Player Classic is a free audio and video media player for Windows PCs. As the name suggests, this player is modeled after older Windows Media Player versions. Users will encounter a simple, clean user interface and an excellent media player. There's a lot to love in this program, but it exists in a crowded market. Still, an ad-free experience with no price tag is difficult to come by these days. Perhaps Media Player Classic is the right choice for many users when it comes to media players designed for Windows.

Media Player Classic: Clean, Simple, Familiar

Since Media Player Classic is modeled after Windows Media Player, it should feel familiar to the average person. For the most part, this should be considered a positive thing. The user interface is quite simple without cluttered menus and confusing tabs. Users can access whatever function or playback feature they need within seconds. Luckily, only a few minutes are required to become familiar with how this program works.

It doesn't hurt that Media Player Classic supports dozens of audio and video formats. Users shouldn't struggle to play common file types, and obscure formats aren't out of the question either. With that in mind, few free media players offer such widespread format support, so it's nice to see here. Media Player Classic also doesn't bog down minimal hardware, and most Windows PCs will run the program without any stuttering or glitches.

Users won't encounter advertisements while using Media Player Classic, even though the program is 100% free. Without a doubt, you'll want to keep that benefit in mind.

Where Does Media Player Classic Fall Short?

Despite many positives and benefits, Media Player Classic isn't the perfect media player. The software features lackluster support for audio CD playback, and streaming support is non-existent. Other software tend to include advanced features and capabilities, which are missing from Media Player Classic. Finally, not all users will enjoy the classic interface of the program and might prefer something that looks more modern.

Media Player Classic: The Verdict

Typical media player users shouldn't hesitate to download Media Player Classic. In most cases, the program will suit their needs and exceed expectations. More advanced users might prefer something with a broader featureset, though. Media Player Classic is an excellent media player modeled after another excellent media player. Then again, perhaps the program excels beyond the program it attempts to emulate. Wide format support and a simple interface make the program a worthwhile download. While some small features are missing, the average user isn't going to notice such deficiencies.

Media Player Classic is an easy program to recommend.


  • Plays most audio and video formats without a problem.
  • Clean user interface modeled after Windows Media Player.
  • Easy on hardware resources, players well on most machines.


  • Streaming support is not available, audio CD support lacking.
  • Advanced features found in competing software are missing here.
  • Classic interface might be seen as ugly by some users.

As Windows Media Player evolved with each iteration of Microsoft's Windows operating system, the simplicity and reliability of the company's classic media player gained a cult following and spawned Media Player Classic. Media Player Classic is essentially a fan-made clone of an earlier version of Microsoft's Windows Media Player. While development on Media Player Classic has since stagnated, the application is still one of the most reliable and lightweight media players available.

The Interface

Media Player Classic isn't wrapped in sleek, glitzy interface. The media player was designed to be lightweight, meaning it minimizes its impact on your computer's resources when the application plays back media. Media Player Classic includes basic playback controls such as "Play," "Pause," "Skip Forward" and "Skip Backward."

Media Player Classic's interface can be scaled up or down as you like by selecting which interface elements it displays, ranging from its seek bar and playback controls to its playlist and menu bar.

Media Player Classic's playlist window can detach from the media player main interface or mesh with it. While rudimentary in appearance, Media Player Classic's playlist supports sorting and shuffling. You can even randomize content in the playlist, just in case you want to know what's coming up next in your shuffle.

Support for Media Formats

Media Player Classic was designed to serve as a simplistic, all-in-one solution for playing media files. The media player supports a wide range of audio, video and image formats -- yes, you can launch pictures in it. You can even use Media Player Classic to watch DVDs or stream media from the web.


There are tons of small extras included in Media Player Classic that make using the program even more of a joy to use. For example, you can scale and crop your video content. You can apply filters and shaders to your videos and audio files. You can even generate screenshots from your video files in Media Player Classic.

The Verdict

When all you need is an application to play your media, look no further than Media Player Classic. While it lacks the sleek appearance other media players have, Media Player Classic is packed with useful features and plays a wide variety of media formats.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Supports a wide array of media formats
  • Packed with useful features


  • Doesn't include an equalizer
  • Limited support for third-party plugins
  • Bland appearance

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